We have completed STEP #1 of the Petition Process and have received word that after their review, the DFO has indicated that our Covehead Lighthouse is eligible to be considered for designation under the Heritage Lighthouse Protection Act.  They have determined that the Lighthouse is surplus to its operational requirements and may be designated if it meets the established designation criteria and if a person or body submits a written commitment to buy or otherwise acquire the lighthouse and to protect its heritage character. That process must be completed by May, 2015.

So, to accomplish that requirement, it is time to move on to STEP #2.  What that means is that those of us who want to see the Covehead Lighthouse preserved need to form a volunteer association to represent the Light.   This group’s focus will be to determine whether acquiring Covehead Lighthouse is feasible and then to develop a business plan for  it’s future acquisition and ongoing maintenance.

We are looking for volunteers!  Join our Facebook Page or email us at keith@sandpiperpei.com.

We can also be reached by calling the Sandpiper at  1-800-671-2272.